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[Jul. 25th, 2005|11:21 pm]
to my true friends and fellow community members

i would hereby like to decalre my most sincere apologies for making such a cowardly return to livejournal, in a desperate attempt to rekindle the old flame that was once the root of many joys and drunkenessess.
i hereby gratefully thank livejournal for its ability to post drunken pictures of me and my friends, and also pictures of our breasts.
i thank it for enabling such a huge array of jerks, weenies, dorks, pimps, hoes, sluts, cocks, fuckfaces, knobs, wankers (lots of these) and also a small selection of choice cuts as well.
special mentions go to sixdollardress, previously jendayi, and negativeink for continuing to be a reliable source of normalcy and quality livejournal eroticism.
as for the rest of you, u all suck major dongs.
except maybe sez, coz her livejournal continues to make no sense no matter what she's doing or why she exists.
and jessiejeremiah who, although terrible tragic in her life and deeds, also makes me chuckle.
i'd also like to thank kelly clarkson for always being a superb artist and never ever getting boring or overdone. ever. no matter what any other fuckwit wants to say about her. i love you kelly.
oh, and giv isn't too bad either. she is not a fuckwit and probably never will be. i am also glad she only posts very occasionally- this means her sanity and normalcy is also fairly intact. congratulations giverny on a fine effort. oh and ben and steph. they're cool. and tia, coz she's always on drugs.
i'd like to make my final thanks to sarah blasko for being the hottest bitch ever and being a really hot icon. the icon is one of the only reasons i have returned to livejournal.

now, again, i bid you farewell.
i hope your livejournals are full of complete bullshit and a lot of whinging about pointless shit that doesn't matter. keep the tradition alive. as long as i don't have to read it.


thankyou and goodnight.

[User Picture]From: blankmanuscript
2005-07-26 06:17 am (UTC)
is that a LIFE SIZE photo of tony danza?
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